I'm Short All Around...

short hair and shorts
I've been wearing my hair short for some time now. Lately I've been missing my hair so I vowed to grow it back. Well, let's just say that feeling didn't last too long.

As the growing out process began to get annoying for me, I decided to just go super short. Yea, it's really short guys. I mean there's no grabbing any hair on my head. But I must say I love it!

So in celebration of my new extremely short do, I decided to wear one of my favorite looks for fall, fall shorts.


healy 6.10.10  

your awesome. In love=)

Zdubb 6.10.10  

At least I'm not the only one...
Every time I get ready to grow my hair out. I reach a point of frustration and go for the big chop. That point happened today!
Love the short look (hair and clothes)!

Christina 7.10.10  

Those boots! :-)

LoveBrownSugar 11.10.10  

Love love love those boots! And great job layering and looking flawless doing it ;)


yan 22.10.10  

i love this look! the play with colors and layers is well done