Fall's Art of Per-SUEDE-sion

fall suede
There’s no perfect time to wear suede boots than during the fall season. I personally have a slight love affair for suede footwear whenever the fall/winter season rolls around. I tell you, there is just something about the under side of leather that just gives me a feeling of warmth and coziness on my feet.

Let’s just say I’ve been per-SUEDE-ed.

The downside; keeping them clean.

I'm always very conscious of rain, especially when the color is of a lighter shade. I constantly brush and spray a stain and water repellent. Whenever I wear a pair I immediately go into "don't step on me feet" mode accompanied by a mean face, as if I was in a nightclub.

Weird right? Hey, a girl's gotta protect her shoes?!

Whether in this season's popular wedged, laced-up or clogged style, there's definitely a suede boot to fit every fab chick's personal style.
Fall 10' Suede Boots
1. Diane von Furstenberg $455, 2. Seychelles $168, 3. Zara $99, 4. Steve Madden $89, 5. Asos $126.38, 6. Jefferey Campbell $175.99, 7. Nine West $99, 8. Sam Edelman $224.95, 9. Missoni $699

Have you been per-Suede-ed this season?


Eclechick 5.10.10  

I LOVE suede shoes too!! I own several pair, for some reason, I especially love gray suede shoes...to me that hue looks fab in suede. Those DVF boots are a MUST!!

healy 6.10.10  

I love shoe #2. .so hot! I think can fit any outfit. . .I love fashion xoxo

Living Fly on a Dime 11.10.10  

I love suede but I'm always worry about maintaining them in the fall or winter.

But those Jeffrey Campbell and Sam Edelman's, sick to the 10th degree!