Fab Chick: It's Cold Outside!
Our Fab Winter Essentials

Resort collections are hitting stores now, and we're all dreaming about sandy beaches, wearing cute sundresses and drinking frozen margaritas. But our reality is -5 degree wind-chills, freezing rain, cleaning snow off cars, holding on for dear life while walking on iced filled sidewalks and quickly heading to Starbucks for tall white chocolate mochas. Winter is definitely in full swing. Great. Not. Well since mother nature is in charge and we can't control her, we might as well adjust to the chill that she's put in the air. It'll be here for a few more months.

What better way to adjust than to dress appropriately. As Fab Chicks, we must adapt and keep it moving while looking FAB. So we decided to give you a few winter essentials you should have by now. If you don't, not to worry, there's still opportunity. You can still find many of the stores selling fall/winter items on sale now. Which is a plus for all you late shoppers. Who doesn't love a sale anyway?

If you've been following TFC, then you've read all about the different types of coats for this season. If you missed it, catch up here. A winter coat is the most important winter essential. Regardless of what style works best for you, you should have a winter coat. It's your #1 shield against the elements.

Many of us would rather not mess up our do's before wearing a hat. But with extreme low temperatures, wearing a hat will help in keeping you warm. Although you only loose about 10% of your body heat through your head, why not save that and be 10% warmer. Besides, having cold/red ears are definitely NOT FAB. If you really oppose to a hat, opt for ear muffs.

This season scarves have gotten longer and the knits even chunkier for a luxe look. Scarves are not only to be worn as cute accessories, but they provide a great deal of warm to the neck and face region. Think back to your mom telling you to always keep your head and neck covered. Apply that same principle and wear a scarf! You're sure to be warm and look cute.

Furs provide a great deal of warmth. If a full on fur is too much for you, we suggest going with items that have fur trimmings. This season it's been all about the fur vest. If you are against wearing fur, opt for faux fur. It may not have the exact same feel, but it can help you achieve the same look while staying warm and cozy.

During the colder months, we find it best to wear boots.  Boot styles have become endless. There are countless options. Weather you choose something over the knee; this season's must have shoe, or a bootie, a boot will provide your feet with that extra warmth that a pump may not give. And if you still find that a boot doesn't keep those toesies warm, try finding a great boot that is fur-lined, or wearing insulated socks. Here's a great shearling lined pair by Stuart Weitzman seen over on Style.com
And for your very cold weather boot options we recommend these.

Who says you have to wear pants or jeans all winter long? You don't. Pull out that skirt or dress you love and add a pair of thick tights or leggings underneath. Tights not only provide your legs with warmth but when paired in the right color with your ensemble, they can create a chic look as well as elongate your legs.

Winter wardrobes aren't winter wardrobes without great sweaters. What great way to add warmth underneath your coat then to add a knit sweater. Sweaters and knits are also great layering pieces. They can be layered over an oxford, or under a blazer. Layering is very essential during the winter season for added warmth.

So if you have these winter essentials along with your usual transitional pieces, you will sure to be warm in your travels. Not to mention, FAB!