Fab Chick Trend Alert: Pre-Fall 2010 Collections
"Dress in All Black"

The fashion world is gearing up for NYFW's (New York Fashion Week) debut of Fall 2010 collections in a matter of weeks. As designers take center stage in one of the biggest fashion platforms to showcase what has been forecast for the next Fall season, we are taking notes of all the great looks that Fab Chicks will want to add to their closets. But until then, let's check out a trend we're seeing that has shown up in a couple Pre-Fall 2010 collections.

Our focus this time around, the continuing of the "all black everything" trend made popular by Jay-Z since the release of his single "Run this town".
"All black everything, Black cards, black cars, All black everything"
Black is a color that has never completely been out of style nor will it ever depart as the go to color. Every season there seems to be a 'new black'. Regardless of the color takeover, black has and will always rein supreme amongst fab chicks. 
"Dress in all black like the omen." -Lil Kim "It's all about The Benjamins"
It is a color synonymous with mystery and utter chic-ness. It's such a basic and effortless color that it recreates itself every time. You can't go too wrong with "all black everything".  It's definitely a favorite amongst New Yorkers and Fab Chicks alike.

Check out a few more Pre-Fall 2010 collections and their "all black everything" looks.

Fab Chick Tip: When wearing all black, it's best to accessorize to prevent from looking like you are in mourning. Accessories are a great way to play with color and to add a bit of a break from the monotony of all black. Although black is a chic color, it can very easily look as if you are attending a funeral when you are in "all black everything" and let's face it, that isn't Fab.