Fab Chick Trend Alert: Fur Vests
The Fluffier the Better

Vests have been an item that has maintained its staying power. Its a great layering piece and transitions well between seasons. This season fur vests are popping up everywhere. Not just your regular fur vests, but massively furry creations.
Runways had many variations of this look. Some designer went with more of a subtle cut, while others chose furs in colors. How do we feel about this one? Will you be adding a fur vest as one of your winter staples?
Fab Chick Tip: Always remember when wearing attention grabbing items such at this, its best to keep everything else simple and to a minimun. In the words of Tim Gunn, make sure the look is cohesive. Allow the vest to be the center of attention. For a bit of an edge and more warmth, try pairing the vest over a sleek leather jacket. And as always, know what works best for your body type.

Lover of the trend: Amerie
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And for all my vegan, and animal cruelty advocates, if you love the look well you can always opt for a faux fur. Faux fur will give you the same effect and keep PETA off your back. Here are a few faux fur sugestions.
Keep it fab chicas!