Ask The Fab Chick!!

Since launching our new feature 'Ask The Fab Chick' this weekend, reader Tianja sent in pictures asking for a little style advice. She recently purchased a dress hoping to wear it for her New Years Eve festivities. Unsure as what to wear on her feet, she asked us if high boots would be a Fab option and if not, what would be some great recessionista choices.
Well Tianja, we understand wanting to look Fab and wanting to do it all on a budget. No point in breaking the bank to look good and not be able to enjoy yourself when out. So we are definitely here to help solve your style problem. We must say that we don't feel high boots would be a Fab option. We think you should go with a pump, or even something with bold straps. A great pump with a stacked heel or sequins embellishments will make your dress more festive and punch up the glamour factor a bit. If you really are wanting to wear a boot, we say go with a pair of booties instead. There are tons of great peep toe bootie options this season that will satisfy your wanting to wear boots and still allow you to maintain a chic look all under a budget.

Here are a few options that will work for under $100:
We hope we were able to help. Let us know how the outfit turns out. Keep it Fab chick.

So all you Fab Chicks out there who may need a little style or fashion advice, send in your inquires with photo if necessary to