EDITOR'S LETTER | A Note From Misha
Off Cloud 9

Last week I failed to write my new weekly Editor’s Note. And for that I apologize. I’ve been soaring so high on cloud 9 that I’ve let a few daily tasks slip through the cracks. But sometimes life happens and you just have to stop, smell the roses and bask in your own happiness and excitement despite what your schedule says.

Now that I’m slowly coming down from my high, I’m realizing just how my life is about to change and move into a whole new direction of unfamiliar territory. And although I am very nervous, I ecstatically embrace the changes to come. After all, I wanted and asked for it. I definitely look forward to living the life I’ve visualized for myself. I can't wait!

Have you visualized what it is that you expect out of your life? Have you put any positive energy into your visualizations? There is so much power in wanting something, visualizing it, claiming it and having faith while working towards it. If you haven’t created a vision for yourself, whether it’s on a board, in a notebook, or with a digital source, I encourage you to do so. Set goals, have dreams and live life like the Fab Chick you are! I plan too!

The Fab Chickxoxoxo

PS : Just 22 days into the 2012 and I've already accomplished two things on my vision board!


Danielle 2.2.12  

Vision boards are such powerful tools! I see mine already coming into fruition :)

excited to see how yours plays out ;)