EDITOR'S LETTER | A Note From Misha
No Resolutions Just a Few Evolutions

With the arrival of the New Year, I have resolved to evolve. I’ve decided to take more responsibility in the way my life is going with the decisions I make and should make. While I didn’t create any resolutions this year, I have vowed that this will be a year of change, an evolution of sorts.

I vow not to fight progression by playing it safe. I vow to no longer reject the positive changes that should occur in my life, but rather to open up and allow them to manifest into experiences leading me to live my best life. See, I use to find comfort in the familiar, but the familiar is just that, safe. And playing it safe doesn’t evoke any growth. And no growth in my life equals an average, mediocre living. And living average is just not an option for me. That’s not a good recipe for living my best life. Nope. Not at all.

So this 2012 I encourage not only myself, but all of you to break free of mediocrity and to live an exceptional life fabulously. I’m ready to evolve, are you? Playing it safe is just not safe anymore. In fact, by playing it safe you put your happiness at risk. Life should be about happiness, adventure and moments of progression. None of which can occur if we don’t accept change and simply evolve.


PS: I'm currently obsessed with blue eyeliner!


Channing in The City 10.1.12  

Here, here! I love this and totally agree :)