RIP | Steve Jobs

It would be redundant for me to go into a spiel about all the great things Steve Jobs has created and done for our technology savvy world. It's quite obvious. Our generation has lost a great innovator that was beyond just a great mind. His life has not only served as a purpose of giving us sleek and awesome products, but also as a great inspiration for us all to go out and do what it is that makes us happy.

It's always a catch 22 for me when a life lost causes you to look in the mirror at yourself --questioning your own purpose in life. *Sigh* Since hearing the news of Steve Jobs losing his battle with cancer, I've had the question one of my very best friends texted to me just the night before stuck in my head. He asked "Am I living my best life?" It just seems like something Steve Jobs would've propose that we all ask ourselves.

And I've been asking myself, "Am I living my best life?" And then I'm following it up with, "Am I the woman I want to be?" Hmmmmm. My answer, no, not yet. The next question I know he would propose asking is, "What am I waiting for?"


Gigi 6.10.11  

Not redundant at all Misha - Steve Jobs is inspiring on so many levels, I will never forget his commencement speech and the wisdom found in his words. He was a wonderful creative genius who took risks that later became rewards to our generation. If there's one thing I've learned from him is this: sometimes we just have to do what in our heart feels right even though it might not make sense to other people. Nice post.

GlamNiki 6.10.11  

I think you're on your way to becoming the woman you want to be. I think even Steve Jobs would say life is a process. If we all were where we wanted to be in life, achieved all our goals, what would be the point to continue on? Slow progress is better than none. Always remember that.

Kerissa 8.10.11  

I'm right there with you. Been there for a minute so I can't attribute it to Steve Jobs but just wanting to be my very best on some many levels to be a change agent in the world (space) I occupy. Keep pushing forward! I'm inspired by you :))