ON TV | 3 Reasons Why I'll Watch "Reed Between The Lines"

My television rarely ever ventures over to BET, except for the occasional viewing of a “Girlfriends” marathon. But tonight I shall take my nighttime television watching over to the revamping network. I must confess, I am anticipating the original scripted show “Reed Between the Lines” staring Fab Chick Tracee Ellis Ross and almost every 80s babies’ adolescent crush, Malcolm-Jamal Warner --who might I add still has it going on by the way.

With that said, here are 3 reasons why I’m eagerly awaiting the debut of BET’s “Reed Between The Lines”:

1. It would be great to see a positive depiction of a black couple and a successful family on television again --long live The Cosby Show. I know I could stand to see a bit of inspiration as I begin to think about the future with hopes of creating my very own family someday.

2. It’s been years since I’ve indulged in 106 & Park antics. I definitely could use a positive reason to support the BET network other than watching reruns of past shows, and the popular comedy-drama, "The Game". BET definitely needs this.

3. And lastly, Tracee Ellis Ross’s wardrobe of course. Duh! We loved her looks in "Girlfriends". Oh, and let’s not forget this woman has great real-life personal style that’s bound to be reflected in her on-screen character’s wardrobe. Ellis’ character, Carla Reed is sure to create wardrobe inspiration for many.

Am I the only one hoping it’ll live up to all the hype?


The Style and Beauty Doctor 4.11.11  

I'm watching. I LOVED the first two episodes, but it's getting a little harder to watch the more I watch it...lol. I'm not giving up though before we have no shows on tv.