Fab Randomness: Casually Sequined

Some days a girl’s hectic life just calls for her to throw on something gold and shiny just for fun at the playground. So when there's no special hot date to keep your company, or an extravagant event to attend, why not still casually sparkle?  Hey, it’s the Fab Chick way.


RevealingBeaute 18.2.11  

cute! love the sequin top!!!

Pristina 18.2.11  

Yes, yes, yes!! Love the dark lip hun! And that sequin top is beautiful!

Gigi 19.2.11  

You favor Lauren Hill so much in these pics it's not even funny. I know you've been told this before but it is so true.

Kerissa 20.2.11  

BeautyXchangeGirl nailed it. You are sooo channeling Lauren Hill and I love her...so that means you are even more FAB! These photos makes me want to hit the park later today and swing so high that the little kids look scared :)

The botties/boots are gorg. Aren 't we the same size. Loving the jeans too. Just found a similar pair in Target a week ago and can't wait to wear them.

Channing 20.2.11  

I LOVE this. You shouldn't have to save all the fun stuff like sequins for a night out

Anonymous 21.2.11  

What color lipstick are you wearing? It looks nice on you, so I know I can wear it too! I'm loving the top also. Working it at the playground :)

Unknown 2.3.11  

I love this photo series! you rocked it mama!