Event: Dream Cartel PR & Cocktails and Couture Networking Mixer

I usually love checking out the new collections all the designers unveil during New York Fashion Week every season. It’s exciting to see all the forthcoming trends. But, I have to say that the hustle and bustle of the hectic scheduling can become very overwhelming.

So what better way to unwind from it all then to attend mixers which allow you to relax, enjoy refreshing cocktails and network with cool and interesting people of like interests.

"Thou shall take time out from New York Fashion Week to relax, relate, release, and drink." -Misha
Blake Scotland’s Ferality Boutique on the LES hosted Dream Cartel PR’s networking mixer.
Me, Annika (Fashion & Beauty Writer), Kai-Lee (Stylist)

Of course they would be offering 20% on everything in the store. Meaning, I couldn’t leave without purchasing something! I left the mixer with a cute stripe mini by Torn by Ronny Kobo along with a few new associates. I couldn’t resist the skirt.

Cocktails and Couture was hosted by founder Lianne Farbes and was held at the Aveda Lifestyle Salon in Soho. Much fun was had. How could you not have a good time being surrounded by your peers, yummy treats and refreshing drinks? I have to say, the specialty Hypnotiq cocktails were on point.

Danielle -The Style & Beauty Doctor, Christina -LoveBrownSugar, Annika-Fashion & Beauty Writer, Me
See more photos of the Cocktails and Couture here.


Anonymous 14.2.11  

The pics look cool. Wish I could've been there. I'm glad you had fun though.

Footwear 15.2.11  

Ladies footwear over the last decade have gone crazy in their design and style. More and more are the designers and stylists pushing the boundaries with the designs, the colors, patterns, and the shape of ladies footwear

Kerissa 16.2.11  

Yes, yes, yes! Just what you needed. I need the lipstick Kai-Lee is wearing in my life. You look sooo cute and relaxed. Let's trade places, lol! I stalk LoveBrownSugar's blog and the colors for the event screams spring is getting near :0)

KaiLee 20.2.11  

Kerissa it's actually just drug store lip liner the brand is Prestige and the color is POPPY! It was like 6 bucks hope you enjoy!