I"ll Always Love My Mama
She's My Favorite Girl

“You think you love to wear high heels and nice shoes, please, your mom always wore sky-high heels, and WALKED in them” my aunts say every chance they get.

According to my grandmother and aunts, my mom was quite the Fab Chick back in her day on the small island of Jamaica, where my family is from. So, I guess it’s safe to say that I have inherited my love for great clothing and my instinctive flair for style from my mom.

Fast-forward to today and my mom still loves a fab shoe. The difference is, she’s only admiring them for me and reminiscing on when she used to strut her stuff in a great pair of heels. She’s let go of wearing heels for everyday and now only sports them on special occasions. We have a family wedding in July, which she is ecstatic about. I think she's more so excited about the going shopping for a dress and shoes. But when it comes to flats, my mom will sport a fab pair and/or a stylishly ‘Fab Chick’ approved sneaker. Yes, I approve most if not all of her footwear now. I’ve now become my moms stylist. Roles have reversed.

Growing up, my mom, like most moms made me wear things I hated!

Penny loafers
Saddle shoes
Corduroy pants
Glasses with the string on them

The list could go on.

And she would always insisted on me layering my clothes.

“Misha, you need a sweater over that shirt, and put on that vest! You must always look tidy!"

Ugh. I hated it. But look at me now, I’m all about layering and loving it. Funny right?

And as for being a lady, I've learned from the best. When I went through my tomboy stage, she hated it. She let me do my thing, but she always insisted that I be a lady with whatever style I decided to adopt. This is something I’ve continued to carry on in my dress today. Regardless of what I’m wearing, in the back of my mind, there’s my mom saying, “Misha that is not lady-like, go back inside and change!”

Of course she loves to rub all of this in my face now and take credit for the fashionable person I’ve grown into. She loves for me to come to her job so she can “show me off” to her co-workers.

“This is my beautiful daughter; she works in fashion for blah, blah, blah.”

Politely I smile as she taught me, roll my eyes when I turn away, but I always have this warm feeling in my heart that I am making my mom proud.

Words can never describe how much I love and dedicate my life to my mom. I owe her so much. Well, both my parents, but since we’re celebrating mother’s now, I’m going to focus on my mommy. And now a grown woman, I still call her mommy. And she still calls me her baby. I love my mom!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Fab Chicks who are Fab Mothers as well!