I'm a Bad Target Shopper
Are you?

How many times have you strolled into a Target store with a mental checklist of things you need to buy?


You figure, it should only take you 15 minutes max to get what you need and check out.

But before you know it, you’ve spent an hour walking the aisles in a trance, practically grabbing everything in sight.

I’m convinced that red Target logo is hypnotizing.

During your trance, you walk over to grab the Excedrin but make a pit stop in the beauty aisle to check out the new L'Oreal mascara that catches your eye.
Since it’s on sale, you grab two of them. Then you grab a couple of L’Oreal HIP eye shadows you love. They’re on sale too.


Eventually, you get back on track, pick up the Excedrin and head to the Tide detergent and spot a cute basket hamper.

This would look cute in my bathroom.

And even though you already have a functioning hamper, you pick it up anyway.

Now you realize you can’t carry all this stuff, so you head back to the front of the store to grab a cart.
Ok let me just go grab this milk and then I can check out and go home.

Not paying attention to the direction you’re going, you take a wrong turn and end up in the accessory department.

Oh! This little statement necklace is so cute! And its only $39.99, I can so throw this on with a t-shirt and jeans.
In the cart goes the necklace along with a few other inexpensive jewelry pieces.

Finally you end up in the grocery department, but only after grabbing a scarf, a pair of socks, a 12 pack of toilet tissue and one of those grey boyfriend tees you like so much.


You finally make it to the register. The cashier reads you your total and immediately you snap out of the trance, shocked by all the stuff you’ve pick up.

Your plan was to spend $20 and you end up with a bill for $150.
That’s the story of my (Target shopping) life.

Sound familiar?

I’m sure I’m not the only one that gets caught in the Target matrix.

And with all the designer collaborations and partnerships - Proenza Schouler, Zac Posen, Jean Paul Gautier and Cynthia Vincent – my Target shopping sprees only continue to get worse.
Besides the fab Go International collections, I love Target for their variety and grand selection of miscellaneous items.

Where else can you go to pick up small, cheap items on your spring must have list like boyfriend tees, feminine products, random groceries, a new toaster oven and hair products?



Yuck! Who goes there?

There's just nothing fab about Walmart. The personnel are always rude, that blue smock thingy they wear is horrendous and the designer collabos-Miley Cyrus & Max Azria - love Max Azria but no thank you.

So, I go to Target to do my recession-proof shopping when I’m not scouting designer digs at my favorite department stores, boutiques and online shops.

But I’ve clearly recognized that I need a plan of action to curb my sprees at Target.

One Twitter buddy suggested that I ditch the mental checklist and actually sit down and write out a list and stick to it!


I may have to try that. I always attempt to make a list but I never do.

Another Twitter buddy suggested I join a Target support group of some sorts. Do they have those?

Either way, it’s not that extreme yet, but perhaps buddying up with a friend on Target trips would help.

So who needs me to be their Target shopping buddy, or better yet, who would like to be mine?

Come on speak up, don't be shy.

How fun would it be to gather at one of my favorite coffee spots, Starbucks of course. Or, maybe lunch at Whole Foods for a healthy snack. There’s always one near by.

We could even car pool and share carts. Hey, this way we’re being green by saving on gas and we’ll be able to support one another by only buying what’s needed.

Sounds like a plan? I’m ready! Let’s go!

Are you a bad target shopper like myself?

Let me know so I can further convince myself I'm not the only one with this struggle.


WickedThrifty 24.5.10  

hilarious! i just went there for a new shower curtain and bath rug (doing a beach theme in my bathroom instead of purple) and wound up spending $300! three hundred! yes! ugh. but i "needed" everything, you know?!
i tend to stay away from the clothes because i've bought so many clearance things there i never ended up wearing or gave away really quickly- i am thoroughly un-enamored with their quality. but obviously i still can't stay away :P
(and yeah, walmart, kmart suck...)

Sapphire Blu 24.5.10  

when going to target i keep a mental list of everything i need to purchase, pull into the parking lot repeating my list and as soon as i walk into the store my mind goes completely BLANK!! WTF?!!?!? i swear something happens when you walk through those double doors. some sort of mind eraser...

Diva Style 25.5.10  

Um, yep....sounds like me. I have gotten to the point where I'll store what I "need" from Target on my BlackBerry. But I can't go in there and spend less than $60...I would be shocked if that were to actually happen!

Diva Style 25.5.10  

Cute blog, by the way! :-O)

monique 1.6.10  

yes! this is so me-- i'm the worst Target shopper. that place is so amazing. i spend waaay to much $$$ there. :)

great post!


BlacBlouse 23.6.10  

Love this post!! This happens to me every time I visit Target -- good to know I'm not the only one who falls into a trance at the register.

Unknown 30.8.10  

This was the most entertaining post. I agree I love Target too and get totally caught up in there. It's so easy. They have everything. Should have never added the fresh food section.

My poor mother says she gets nervous everytime she goes into Target and she has to use the bathroom. LOL.

Just face it it's an addiction and the only way it will go away is if they shut down all the Target stores.

cool soccer mom 4.9.11  

My friend and I were discussing this very thing! She swears they pump in vanilla through the A/C ducts to keep us in a little trance!

I'm a fool for the dollar area! You get a high from that bargain find and you're putty in their marketing hand!!!