MY LIFE | Vacation Recap #mishainjamaica

It’s been a few years since I’ve gone on a proper vacation. For me, vacation has only meant paid time off, catching up on reality TV and just vegging out—of course shopping would have to be stirred into that mix. Although I love those moments, for me that’s not a real vacation.

The thing is, I made this promise to myself way back when that I would venture out, explore and experience all that the world has to offer. Yes I have been to a few places, both in and out of the country, but there are still so many people to meet, cuisines to enjoy, and let’s not forget all the wonders of the world to see. It's time to get traveling.

Recently I was able to go on a small vacation back home to my family’s country of Jamaica. I had had enough of the lamping around, so my fiancé booked our flights and in a matter of days we were off to land of jerk chicken—ok not really but there’s no jerk chicken like Jamaica’s jerk chicken. Seriously!

Even though this wasn’t my first, second or even third time being on the island, I really enjoyed experiencing the land again, this time with my fiancé in tow, who is also Jamaican born and raised. There was nothing like relaxing on the beaches of white sand and crystal blue water while eating fried parrotfish and festival (a traditional Jamaican side item).

And while the food was nothing new to me, there’s definitely nothing like eating freshly picked produce, like ackee right off the tree to prepare the country’s national dish of ackee and salt fish (my dad’s favorite). Or a carefully selected breadfruit (my favorite) that has just been roasted for a plate of fried breadfruit and mackerel. And I can’t leave out the sweet mangos fallen off auntie’s mango tree and the sugarcane chopped right out of grandma’s backyard—yum!! It gets no better than that.

And while I love the land and could go on and on about it and my vacation experience, I’m hoping this small trip has reinvigorated my quest to experience the joys of being a world traveler. The world awaits me!

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Jamaica Fun Facts:
  • Ackee is a fruit and when consumed before having the chance to ripen and open on the tree can be poisonous.
  • Jamaica celebrates its 50th year of Independence this August.
  • One US dollar is approximately $87 Jamaican dollars.