EDITOR'S LETTER | Summer's Here...& I'm Back

The First Day of Summer
Amerie’s "Why Don’t We Fall In Love" happens to be one of my favorite summertime joints that seem to always put me in a feel good summertime mood. It starts out…So many things I’m going through, so much that I wanna do. It’s starting to become so clear to me, tomorrow ain’t really guaranteed. Funny thing is, this very feel good song expresses just how I’ve been feeling lately, which is partly the reason why I haven’t graced this blog in, (covers face in embarrassment) let’s just say awhile! Sigh.

Yes, your girl has been going through some thangs. And no, you won’t get me to spill every little detail. But, let’s just say that I’m in a new season of my life in every sense of the word. Well hello there SUMMER!


Brenda 20.6.12  

I'm glad your back! Hope everything is ok with you.

TaTa 21.6.12  

It's only a season that you going through this! Remember how fly those Gucci shoes were?? I wanted those so bad.