Fab Chick: Have A Heart
Help! Donate!

If you haven't heard, Haiti was hit with a catastrophic earthquake ravaging the small country leaving many in despair. The devastation has left many people homeless, defeated, and lost.

The Fab Chick wants to take this time to acknowledge those families in Haiti that are suffering even more so now due to this disaster. For the Haitian people here who have yet to recieve any reporst on their families and loved ones back in the country, we want to say that we are keeping you all in our prayers.

Let's help! We encourage all you Fab Chicks out there to dig deep into your hearts and donate as much as you can to help the victims in Haiti. There are so many ways we can all help. Contact the Red Cross as they are always taking donation. Money, food, clothing, whatever it is you can afford would be greatly appreciated. Our twitter spy has informed us that Haitian musician Wyclef Jean is also encouraging us all to donate $5 from our cell phone bills by texting "Yele" to 501501.

There's always something we all can do. Let's do it!  Let's get creative! Let's help! Let's donate! Fab Chicks have hearts too.  Let's all show it.